Our History

Recreational trail riding in the Shawnee National Forest was a popular activity for many area motocyclists in the 1970's through the early 90's.  Then the unthinkable happened, motorized recreation was no longer allowed in the Shawnee Forest.  On December 11, 1997, a small group of 14 riders met at Mach 1 Kawasaki in Harrisburg, IL to organize a riding club.  One of the early goals was to organize and promote events to raise funds for the purchase of property to ride on.  The club promoted motocross races at the Saline County Fair and Hare Scrambles at Trail of Tears Lodge near Jonesboro, IL.  The events were successful and funds were raised but it was clear that it would take many years to raise enough money to complete the project.  The club then obtained information about the Illinois Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) grant program.  In 1999, club organizers began to submit grant applications, started searching for property and made several trips to Springfield, IL.  The club found 400 acres near Crab Orchard which AMAX Coal Company was selling.  The club was successful in obtaining an OHV grant and was able to purchase the 400 acre property which is not Little Egypt Off Road Motorcycle Club.  Since that time, the club has acquired additional grants and expanded its ownership of land to over 900 acres.  Some original members of LIttle Egypt are still involved today.  The common bond each founding member shared is the same that motivates us today, the thought of "the ride" and the anticipation of the next. 


Lance Martin          Derek Martin          Ron Dilback          Steve Hull          Jeff Whitlock          Chris Barter          David Pickering 

Tim Rush          Larry Weatherford          Larry Thomason          Orville Bogard          Roy Holland          Make Freideline

Dallas Mayer